About us

         Mama Jaam Herbs & Things was officially founded in 2020 by wife, mother, health enthusiast, and army veteran Whitney also known as Mama Jam. Whitney has a background in personal training (10+ years) Bachelor's degree in health and wellness, and a Master's in health education. She has made it one of her life's missions to be healthy for herself and her family.

          Mama Jaam's family has been her inspiration to start this company. Her family’s influence is seen in the name of her company to the type of products. Jaam comes from the initials of her children's names. The King Mandingo herbal supplements were created for her husband, who was diagnosed with low testosterone. Initially, the diagnosis was surprising since there were no apparent symptoms. Seven years after the original diagnosis, symptoms started, and after no real answers from the doctors, Mama Jaam began to formulate a combination of herbs to remedy his issue. He began to use the herbal supplement and tell others with the same problems, and the rest is history.

          This is just one brief story behind the formulation and the reasoning behind one of our products. Mama Jaam sees a need and creates a remedy. She believes we all have a little Mama Jaam as women, wives, and mothers. Stay tuned, so you don't miss out on our future products. We thank you for your trust and support thus far.